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Apple has released four new adverts extolling the benefits of iOS over Android, in an attempt to draw in a new wave of first-time iPhone users. Though the ads talk up the iPhone, each of the points made could equally apply to the iPad.

iOS vs Android

The fifteen-second ads highlight various benefits of Apple devices: the company’s dedication to security and privacy; its hands-on customer support; its “zero waste to landfill” policy; and the ease of making the move from Android. We’ve embedded our favorite of the ads below, but you can check out the whole lot on Apple’s YouTube page.

The timing comes as Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, released the latest generation of its flagship Galaxy smartphone. Samsung’s product announcement took a few potshots at Apple (“our phone has no notch!”) while simultaneously ripping off iPhone X features like Animoji. Regardless, when a hot new phone comes out from another brand Apple likes to hammer home the benefits of its own devices.

Photography tips

It’s not just “switch to iPhone” ads that have been released this week. Apple also added another video to its ongoing photography series, briefly explaining how to experiment with color in your shots using the Photos app.

This comes just a week after three other photography videos were launched – check those out right here if you’re interested.