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News bites – the stories you may have missed (11 March 2022)

Plenty of Apple, iPhone, and iPad news gets released every single day – but we know you’re busy, so we’ve got your back. Here, we’ve picked out some of the most important stories from the past week or so and summarized them for easy digestion. You’re welcome.

Let’s take a quickfire look at some of the most interesting recent headlines of late. As ever, click through to read the full stories if you want to know more!

New iPhone SE off to a fast start

We’re just days from Apple’s Peek Performance event, during which the new iPhone SE took a bow. Its performance is already impressing, with initial benchmark tests placing it just a little behind the iPhone 13. That’s unsurprising when you consider that the two phones share the same A15 Bionic processor, but remember that the iPhone SE is a $429/£399 phone. The fact that it’s set to outperform Android phones selling for three times the money is quite the thing. These benchmarks also seem to reveal that the iPhone SE comes with 4GB of RAM, with is up from 3GB in the previous model.

11-inch iPad Pro might not be quite as impressive as hoped

One of the devices we’re expecting to see refreshed in 2022 is iPad Pro, but after the 12.9-inch model added mini-LED screen technology last year, many were hoping and predicting that the 11-inch model would be in line for such a screen upgrade. Nothing doing, if display analyst Ross Young is on the money, as he often is. “Don’t expect it this year”, Young tweeted. Given that the 12.9-inch model is doing so well, it’s claimed that Apple feels that it doesn’t need to bring mini-LED to the smaller model. Which is curious reasoning, but there you are.

More claims that the iPhone 14 Pro will ditch the notch

We’ve heard the rumours that the iPhone 14 Pro is going to fundamentally change the nature of the Face ID notch, but the latest report from none other than display analyst Ross Young (he’s been very busy of late) lends weight to the suggestion that classic iPhone notch is on borrowed time. This year’s flagship will feature a pill-shaped cutout for Face ID and a separate circular cutout for a selfie camera. It’ll occupy a similar footprint to the current notch, but there’ll be extra screen space on top and in between.

Wozniak: Early Steve Jobs wasn’t great at communicating or engineering

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has claimed that his former partner Steve Jobs wasn’t a great communicator or marketer during the early days of the company, and that he had to learn how to become one due to his lack of engineering skills. It’s often assumed that Jobs was a natural showman, but in an interview with CNBC Wozniak revealed that “He learned a lot of marketing principles because he wasn’t really capable, engineering wise,” and that “He had to find other areas to make himself important.”

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