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Plenty of Apple, iPhone, and iPad news gets released every single day – but we know you’re busy, so we’ve got your back. Here, we’ve picked out some of the most important stories from the past week or so and summarized them for easy digestion. You’re welcome.

Let’s take a quickfire look at some of the most interesting recent headlines of late. As ever, click through to read the full stories if you want to know more!

Chunkier iPhone 13 could have bigger camera bump

The iPhone 13 is widely expected to look much the same as the iPhone 12 – Apple doesn’t traditionally spend millions on R&D only to change its core designs every year. But that doesn’t mean that the next iPhone is going to look identical to the last. According to schematics seen by MacRumours, the iPhone 13 will be 0.17mm thicker than its predecessor. That isn’t a massive increase, but what could be more noticeable is a significantly larger camera module for both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13. Apparently, this will prevent the lenses from being quite as exposed as they are with the iPhone 12 family.

Amazon heads off AirTag with Tile partnership

Amazon is meeting the challenge of Apple’s new AirTags venture by teaming up with the most prominent player in the item tracking game, Tile.  The retail giant has announced that it is now accepting Tile’s trackers into its Sidewalk tracking network. Smart lock company Level is also joining team Amazon, which essentially involves joining the company’s network of Bluetooth-enabled Echo speakers. This is shaping up to be an almighty object tracking war, and whichever side you pick, one thing’s for sure: there really is no excuse to lose your keys any longer.

New iPad Pro 50% faster

Every new Apple hardware iteration comes accompanied by impressive performance claims, and while Apple isn’t the kind of company to make up stats, it’s always smart to take such claims with a pinch of salt until they can be independently verified. The first third party benchmarks are now in for the new M1-powered iPad Pro, and they look very impressive indeed. MacRumours has spotted that the new iPad Pro is showing as more than 50% faster than the previous model on Geekbench 5, a popular benchmark tool that measures processing power.

Apple to go fully 5G in 2023

Apple made quite a fuss of the iPhone 12 family’s 5G capabilities towards the end of 2020. But unlike with its A and M-series processors, the company doesn’t yet have a firm hold on the technology required to connect to the next generation mobile network. It’s still relying on off-the-shelf components from Qualcomm. That could all change with 2023’s iPhone model, according to established Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a note to investors, Kuo claimed “We predict that the iPhone will adopt Apple’s own design 5G baseband chips in 2023 at the earliest”. With Apple gaining full control of how its iPhones handle 5G, we can hopefully look forward to improved battery life whilst utilising those broadband-like data speeds.

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Hi! Thanks for reading. This post looks better in our award-winning app, Tips & Tricks for iPhone.