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News bites – the stories you may have missed (29 July 2022)

Plenty of Apple, iPhone, and iPad news gets released every single day – but we know you’re busy, so we’ve got your back. Here, we’ve picked out some of the most important stories from the past week or so and summarized them for easy digestion. You’re welcome.

Let’s take a quickfire look at some of the most interesting recent headlines of late. As ever, click through to read the full stories if you want to know more!

iPhone 14 hits production snags

The iPhone 14 is likely only a couple of months away, but it hasn’t been a smooth ride for the new phone. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there have been supply issues with various memory and display components, as well as quality control problems with the rear camera lenses. In each case, Kuo believes that Apple has it covered with various backup suppliers and contingency plans, so we’re not predicting any iPhone 14 stock shortages come launch day just yet. Even so, it’s one to keep an eye on.

Apple and Meta in ‘very deep, philosophical competition’ over VR

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has commented on persistent rumors surrounding Apple’s entry into the VR and wider metaverse space. According to the father of Facebook, Apple and Meta will approach the metaverse in fundamentally different ways. Apple’s tight software and hardware integration and walled-off platform will stand opposed to Meta’s more open, collaborative approach. Of course, there’s also the question of privacy, in which Apple largely has the upper hand. Interestingly, Zuckerberg believes that “it’s not really clear upfront whether an open or closed ecosystem is going to be better” in the upcoming VR war.

Netflix adds external subscription button to iOS app

Netflix has added a new subscribe button that will guide users away from its iOS app to set up new Netflix subscriptions. This follows Apple’s announcement back in September 2021 that it would enable so-called ‘reader’ apps to link to an external website, thus bypassing its own payment and subscription management system. This came about in response to anti-monopolistic legislation from countries such as Japan. When this external subscribe button is tapped, Apple warns users that they won’t be able to manage their subscriptions through Apple any longer.

Apple issues health technology report

Apple has issued a report on health technology some eight years after it commenced working in the field. The report provides a snapshot of the company’s efforts to date, which can be broadly split into two key areas: public-facing personal health features for the Apple Watch and iPhone, and the company’s work with the medical community. “Our vision for the future is to continue to create science-based technology that equips people with even more information and acts as an intelligent guardian for their health, so they’re no longer passengers on their own health journey,” Apple says.

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