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News Roundup – June 23

All the essential Apple news from the last seven days

Free headphone adapter Apple look likely to ship the iPhone 7 with a free 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter to soften the blow of removing the standard headphone jack. Read the story!

Or maybe not That said, a counter-rumor over at Engadget suggests Apple will in fact retain the 3.5mm headphone jack, at least for another year. Read the story!

Dark mode A work-in-progress “dark mode” has been discovered in the source code of iOS 10, despite Apple not mentioning the feature at WWDC. Read the story!

iBooks settlement Lawsuit to force Apple to dole out a whopping $400 million in compensation to iBooks customers after a controversial price fixing scheme. Read the story!

MacBook Pro Apple has starting pulling its last remaining non-retina Macbook Pro from its retail stores. The aging laptop hasn’t been updated since 2012 – could this be to make way for newer models later this year? Read the story!

And finally… Apple CEO Tim Cook is rumored to be hosting a fundraiser for Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. A little surprising considering Cook’s public views on social issues, but perhaps this is all part of his alleged secret plan to stop Donald Trump becoming President? Read the story, and then read about the secret plan!