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No October Event? Doubts cast over Apple’s 2022 plans

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Apple has made a habit of following up its September events, which routinely focus on iPhone and Apple Watch, with October or November events to cover any new announcements for iPad and Mac. The tech world has been widely expecting the same again this year, with a redesigned Mac Pro rumored to be the standout reveal at a big presentation sometime in the coming weeks.

But Bloomsberg’s resident Apple analyst Mark Gurman doesn’t think so. Instead, he believes Apple will stick with less exciting product upgrades to round out the year, and reveal them via press release. And he could be right.

Whether by event or press release, its near certain we’ll get some more product updates before 2022 is out. Apple is due to refresh the Mac mini, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro, likely upgrading them from M1 series chips to the latest M2 processors. If you’re in the market for any of the above, we recommend holding out for the newer versions to arrive before making a purchase.

But if the above is true, while the upgrades would be welcome, they’re hardly groundbreaking enough to warrant one of Apple’s swanky presentations. Better to inform the press and save the events for bigger things.

That said, if Gurman is wrong and Apple does have a new Mac Pro up its sleeve – or a redesign of the Mac mini, as some rumors have suggested – that could be big enough news to make an event worth the effort.

Mac Pro is Apple’s only Mac that hasn’t moved to its M-series chips yet, with the current models still running on Intel processors. As Apple’s most powerful machines, the move to an M2 Ultra or M3 chip would be a big deal. Likewise, Mac mini has looked more or less the same basically forever, so any design changes on that front would be very interesting to see.

As noted by Macworld, Apple has held additional fall events six times in the past ten years. Whether or not we’re in for another, we’ll keep you posted on any new products announcements as soon as we know more.