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No service? Apple offers free iPhone 7 repairs

A rare but nasty issue that’s been around for a rather long time is finally being addressed properly by Apple. The “no service” bug causes a small percentage of iPhone 7 handsets to fail to find cell service, even when a cellular connection is clearly available.

Apple is now offering free repairs for affected devices. The company says it’s a hardware issue caused by a particular component failing, so software updates can’t help but a physical repair can.

If you have an iPhone 7 and you routinely see a “no service” message in the status bar, you might be affected by this particular bug. If that’s the case, your best bet is to contact Apple Support or take the device to an Apple Store to see if you’re eligible for a repair.

Apple is only offering free fixes for devices that its diagnostic tests prove are affected by this issue – and any other necessary repairs must be carried out first, at the usual cost. Meaning if your faulty iPhone 7 also has a cracked screen, you’ll need to pay to get that sorted before Apple will grant the free repair for the “no service” issue. Devices are covered for two years after the date of purchase.