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Official battery cases – now available for iPhone 11

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Apple has finally released official battery cases for its latest iPhones, two months after their release.

It’s unclear why Apple doesn’t prioritize making these cases available from day one. Instead, the delays mean that early adopters who want extra battery life are forced to look at third-party solutions.

But Apple’s smart case is here now, and as ever it looks to be the best solution for anyone who routinely runs out of power on the go.

The smart battery cases are available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. All three massively increase the charge capacity, granting an extra 50% usage time across the board. They’re also compatible with existing wireless chargers, unlike the majority of battery cases on the market. They’re called “smart” cases because they integrate with iOS to show you the current charge level of both the iPhone and the case on the Lock screen and in Notification Center.

These official cases are probably the best you’ll find quality-wise, with a satisfyingly grippy silicone finish – though their design won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Like previous years, Apple’s case has a pretty significant bulge over two-thirds of its rear. But the extra battery has to go somewhere, and if you can deal with the bump it’s actually quite an elegant solution.

Since last year Apple has added a dedicated camera button to the design, which is a neat touch. This instantly opens the Camera app and takes a picture whether the device is locked or unlocked – or you can hold the button for an instant QuickTake video.

Apple’s battery cases aren’t cheap, though – all three of the new models clock in at $129. You can choose between a black or white finish, with iPhone 11 Pro users also offered a new “pink sand” color.

You can check them out from the online Apple Store using the links below.

iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case

iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case

iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case

If you like the sound of increasing your battery life (and protecting your device) but balk at those prices, you can get some pretty decent equivalents for much less from other suppliers. This slick $40 iPhone 11 battery case from Alpatronix is consistently well-reviewed, while UK-based readers might want to consider this similarly impressive £30 iPhone 11 battery case from Bahonda.

Both offer more juice than Apple’s case, but don’t have the smarts of Apple’s offerings and won’t integrate as nicely with iOS.