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Over one million cards now registered for Apple Pay wallets

According to JP Morgan Chase’s 2015 Investor Day, over one million credit and debit cards have been provisioned for use with Apple Pay.

According to the CEO of Chase Card Services, Eileen Serra, users of Apple Pay tend to be younger and with higher incomes. She said:

“We were an early participant of Apple Pay. We do continue to see good growth in the number of consumers that are provisioning Chase cards in their Apple Pay wallet. We’ve been excited about the feedback we’ve gotten in terms of the great customer experience. As more merchants adopt, I would expect to see more traction here, as well.”

Apple has yet to report detailed numbers on the growth of Apple Pay, which means that statistics reports from card companies such as Chase are the best sources of information currently available.

It’s only four months old, but Apple Pay is seeing a huge amount of uptake in the US, and will be heading to Europe in the near future. “We are more confident than ever that 2015 will be the year of Apple Pay,” said Tim Cook back in January.

That’s beginning to look like a distinct possibility.