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One More Thing – Apple announces yet another event

What’s that, another Apple event?

Apple has announced its third Special Event in three months, using the tagline “one more thing” – a phrase often used at Apple’s keynotes to drop a surprise announcement right when you thought it was all over. Tune in on Tuesday, November 10 to find out what else Apple has in store this time.

September saw the reveal of new iPad and Apple Watch models, while October’s event focused on the iPhone 12. While Apple hasn’t outright confirmed what November’s upcoming event is for, all signs point to a new range of Silicon-powered Macs.

Apple’s home-grown “ARM” chips have been a revelation for mobile processing power, and the company announced earlier this year it would be moving its Mac range onto similar silicon chips, jettisoning its longstanding reliance on Intel processors.

The first Silicon Mac is set to arrive before the end of 2020, so it feels like a safe bet we’ll see more details on exactly that next week. Add to that the fact that Apple’s interactive augmented reality event page features an Apple logo hinging like a MacBook, and we’d bet our bottom dollar that the first Silicon Mac will be a portable one rather than a desktop variant like the iMac.

The only question that remains is which MacBook (or MacBooks, plural) will be the first to adopt Apple Silicon. Will it be the relatively budget-friendly MacBook Air, a new edition of the simply-named MacBook, or the premium MacBook Pro?

And another thing…

In true “one more thing” style, we could be in for some extra announcements on top of all that Mac stuff.

Apple has been long expected to reveal Tile-esque BlueTooth trackers, tentatively called AirTags, and this could be the perfect stage to show them off. Similarly, the rumor mill has suggested we could also see a premium set of AirPods-branded over-ear headphones, possibly called AirPods Studio. Watch this space for more on those potential announcements.

You can stream the event live from Apple’s website at 10am PST on Tuesday. If you miss it, rest assured we’ll keep you up to date with everything you need to know right here.