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Apple publish slick bite-size photography tutorial videos

The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world, and with good reason. Not only is it extremely convenient to keep a camera in your pocket, but the technology in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can lead to some amazing shots.

To celebrate that fact, and help users get more creative and more technically proficient with their devices, Apple has just released a series of short videos detailing how to get the best out of your iPhone camera. They’re pretty slick and might just help you get some next-level shots. Here’s an example of one explaining burst mode:

They’re targeted at the iPhone 7, but older devices rock pretty decent cameras too, and we’d even say these are relevant to iPad users looking to get more from their cameras. The point of this series, arguably, is that you no longer need to be a professional to take fantastic photos.

You can see the full series over at the Apple website. Some of the stuff here is pretty basic, but it also covers best practices for shooting in difficult lightning conditions and tips for portrait mode, panoramas, and selfies. Lots of these features are easy to learn but pass most users by, so the videos are worth a look. Our personal favorite is the video below, showing the best way to keep extreme close-ups focused and well exposed.

Why not give some of these tips a try? At the very least, learning how to best use the tools in the Camera app should ensure you don’t end up ridiculed for your embarrassingly blurry snaps, a la Tim Cook at the Super Bowl.

For more photography tips, why not delve back into the Camera chapter of Tips & Tricks? We cover some of the same ground as Apple, plus other features like slow motion video, time lapse, live filters, and more.