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Planet of the Apps: Apple’s first ever TV show is now available to watch

Apple just launched its first original TV show

Episode one of “Planet of the Apps” is here, and for a limited time you can watch it for free online.

The show is a mix of the celebrity judging panels from shows like The Voice with the entrepreneurial pitching from shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. Each episode features a handful of developers trying to convince the judges – Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jessica Alba, and – to invest in their app ideas.

It’s a good way to see behind the scenes of the app development process, and looks to be an interesting concept for a show. For more details, TechCrunch has a good overview.

It’s an Apple Music exclusive, and the first proper TV show made in-house by Apple. It aims to expand the service in the future with more video content, to widen the appeal of a subscription. Even if you’re not an Apple Music subscriber, for a limited time you can watch the first episode of Planet of the Apps online.