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Price drop: 80% off App Store hit Warbits

Warbits – was $5/£5, now $1/£1

Warbits is a superb strategy game for iOS, and one of our favorite App Store successes from the last few years. If you missed it first time around, you can now grab the app for just $1/£1!

It’s a game of turn-based strategy encounters, pitting virtual soldiers and war machines against each other on a gridded battlefield. It’s super easy to pick up, but you’ll need good tactics and planning to succeed in skirmishes against the computer or online human opponents. The game is full of amusing dialog and has a cartoonish, light-hearted tone throughout which helps to make the whole war aspect much more palatable.

Check out our full review if you want to know a bit more before downloading the game.

Warbits does an excellent job of taking a potentially intimidating strategy genre and distilling it for the masses, without sacrificing depth. The turn-based system means you can squeeze in a few moves on the bus, or sit down for hours of virtual warfare. If you’ve ever dreamed of commanding a robot army, give Warbits a chance.

Note: this is a temporary sale and could return to full price at any time. Please remember to double check the details on the App Store before downloading.

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