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Price drop! Addictive word game goes free

Wordly! – was $3/£3, now FREE

This is a real App Store veteran, a simple word game first released in 2010 and still holding up reasonably well today.

Conceptually, it’s pretty close to the classic letter scrambling game Boggle. Each round sees you forming words from a randomized grid of letters. The only caveat is you need to be able to draw a continuous line through the letters in the right order, so only adjacent tiles can be turned into words.

The aim of the game is to find as many words as you can before time runs out, and after each round it’ll show you everything you missed. In our experience, this was often a huge list, and prompted us to try again to do better the next time. For our money, the swipe-to-spell interface is slicker and more intuitive than many newer games of this type.

There are more complicated word games out there, sure, but the app’s no-frills approach is refreshing. You won’t find any hallmarks of modern gaming here: no adverts, collectibles, achievements, cooldown timers, currency, in-app purchases. Just a grid of letters and your vocabulary to play with.

If that sounds like it would float your boat, grab it now while it’s still free!

Get Wordly!

Please note: this is a temporary sale and Wordly! may return to full price at any time – to be sure of what you’re paying, always double check the price shown on the App Store before purchasing.