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Price drops! Four diverse App Store bargains

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen so many notable sales this early in the week, but we’re pleased to report on no less than four discounts worthy of your attention.

There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re into photography, writing, music, or games. Live Focus is a particular highlight – we reviewed it favorably when it launched two years ago and it’s only improved since. We also enjoyed KRFT last year, at four times the price it is today! Keep scrolling for links to (and descriptions of) each of our price drop picks.

Please remember that all prices are correct at the time of writing, but these are temporary sales and will likely change price again soon. Always double check the price on the App Store before buying!

Live Focus – was $2/£2, now $1/£1

The world’s #1 mobile post-capture focus camera, Live Focus lets you can take a picture immediately and then change the focus point later. From now on, Do not miss your small precious moments. See our review!

Get Live Focus

TextEdit+ – was $4/£4, now FREE

TextEdit+ is a sleek and fast text editor for your iPad and iPhone. If you don’t write all the time, then you probably don’t need a full-featured word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. But you still may want a flexible tool for handling text.  TextEdit+ is your white, plain, blank sheet of paper that is always with you on your iPad or iPhone.

Get TextEdit+

KRFT – was $5/£5, now $2/£2

KRFT is a modular instrument for expressive music production. Designed from the ground up with a focus on live experimentation and expressive interactions, KRFT will inspire you to make music that would normally be out of reach. See our review!


Skee-Ball Plus – was $3/£3, now $1/£1

Skee-Ball Plus is fun and action-packed alley bowling game which you can now take with you wherever you go. The game captures all the fun of the original arcade game, features a host of new game variants.

Get Skee-Ball Plus