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Price drops! Four great App Store bargains

Discounts used to be ten-a-penny on the App Store, but over the last few years we’ve seen the number of apps on sale dramatically decrease. With more and more apps going the freemium route – supported by ads, IAP, or subscriptions – there’s less room for conventional discounts. How can you make something that’s already free to download more compelling?

But this week has bucked the trend, and there are several great apps on sale we’d like to draw your attention to. So without further ado, dig your teeth into the following apps and games!

Please remember that all prices are correct at the time of writing, but prices can change at any time. Always double-check the price on the App Store before buying!


Was $10/£10, now $1/$1

ToneStack offers a frankly huge selection of high-quality virtual amps and stompboxes for your guitar. Plug yourself in and start shredding without breaking the bank on real-world accessories. ToneStack still offers plenty of additional treats via in-app purchase, but the cost of entry is now significantly lower than it used to be.



Was $3/£3, now $2/£2

Drawing inspiration from ‘slice of life’ graphic novels and webcomics, Florence is an intimate and unforgettable story from the lead designer of Monument Valley. Its mix of comic book stylings and minigames speak to themes of heartbreak and the endless drudgery of everyday life. Read our review! if you’re on the fence!


Infinite Flight Simulator

Was $5/£5, now $1/£1

One of the most comprehensive and well-loved flight sims out there, allowing you to recreate flights around the world with accurate recreations of major airports and global topography. There’s a pro subscription for hardcore flight fans, but you can currently nab the basics for a single buck.

Infinite Flight Sim

Kingdom: New Lands

Was $10/£10, now $3/£3

Kingdom: New Lands is an award-winning premium game that asks you to puzzle things out on your own. As a struggling monarch, you’ll come across items, NPCs, and mysterious statues to help you – but you’ll have to figure out just how exactly they’ll aide you in building and defending your Kingdom.

Kingdom: New Lands

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