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Record-breaking auction – sealed original iPhone sells for $158,000

A factory sealed 2007 iPhone has sold at auction for a whopping $158,000, more than double the previous world record for an iPhone sale.

The iPhone in question was an unopened original model, the likes of which had previously reached up to $67,000 at auction. But this item in particular was a rare 4GB variant, discontinued after just two months in favor of the more popular 8GB version. That fact, along with its pristine condition, made it an appealing prospect for collectors, with 28 bids made in total.

That’s a huge return on investment on a $499 purchase made 16 years ago, and may prompt some of you to search the attic for any digital relics you have lying around! But unless you had the foresight to keep your tech purchases in mint, unopened condition, it’s unlikely you’ll have a big earner on your hands.

Here’s the item description from LCG Auctions:

“Our offering is an exceedingly rare, factory sealed, first-release 4GB model in exceptional condition.  Virtually flawless along the surface and edges, the factory seal is clean with correct seam details and tightness.  Labels on the reverse are correctly pristine beneath the seal.  Outstanding color and gloss.  Brand new, never activated.  The phone’s provenance is pristine as the consignor was part of the original engineering team at Apple when the iPhone first launched. Collectors and investors would be hard pressed to find a superior example.  Relevance and rarity comprise a winning formula for this red-hot collectible.”

Once you include the premium paid to the auction house, the iPhone cost the buyer a whopping $190,000. Wonder if they’ll ever open it?