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Report a problem – Apple wants you to report scam apps

Apple has just released iOS 15.0.1, and aside from fixing a few troublesome bugs, it makes a very interesting change.

With this latest update, the App Store makes it easier to report apps for bad behavior. If you suspect an app is running some kind of scam or fraud, you can now use the Report A Problem button right there on the app’s page to ask Apple to investigate.

Previously, reporting such issues was a somewhat roundabout process that may have put off many users from complaining after a bad experience. Under the old system, you could only report this kind of thing after making an in-app purchase, but now you can do so if you simply noticed – but didn’t fall for – a scam. (So long as you’ve at least downloaded the app).

These subtle changes follow on from the new App Store guidelines released earlier this year, in which Apple took a harder stance on developer misconduct. That is to say: scams.

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Although Apple does its best to cut out fraudulent apps at the review stage, the sheer number of apps submitted each day means inevitably a few bad apples (no pun intended) slip through the cracks. Be on the lookout for danger signs like big-name apps having no reviews, or apps that ask you for payment for something you’re not sure you really need.

Head to Settings > General > System Update to grab iOS 15.0.1 and you’ll start seeing Report A Problem more prominently on the App Store.