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Sacha Baron Cohen promotes new movie with Apple keynote parody

To promote his latest movie, The Brothers Grimsby, comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen has released an unusual promotion video in the style of an Apple keynote.

Poking fun at Apple’s famed presentational style, the creator of Ali G, Borat and Bruno pitches his latest “product” in a speech echoing the late Steve Jobs, with a series of cutaways in which Cohen impersonates fellow Brit and Apple design guru Jony Ive.

It’s an amusing parody that captures the slick hyperbole of Apple’s product releases, in which Cohen explains that “our engineers have worked night and day” on new character The Nobby, whom apparently offers 12% more likability than Borat while being 15% more idiotic than Ali G.

Cohen also boasts that the movie “has a plot 15% thinner than any of our competitors,” leaving room for more cursing and “destructive, mindless violence.” You can see the uncensored keynote speech below, but watch out – it’s probably not safe for work.