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Sales expectations down as Apple plan second-gen Watch

Less than a year from the release of the Apple Watch, reports from the supply chain are suggesting a second-gen Watch is already in the pipeline. Apple is said to be looking for a second manufacturer to help with demand, implying the company is expecting a successful 2016 for the wearable.

According to a report, Apple has lowered its sales expectations for the current Apple Watch, placing fourth quarter orders with manufacturers for four million Apple Watches. This is down from an intended six million units – strong but arguably slightly underwhelming figures.

The Apple Watch launched earlier this year to guarded praise, with most reviewers feeling it was an incredible piece of kit with all the hallmarks of a first-generation Apple product – full of promise but a little short of its potential. Many customers will have held off until the inevitable Apple Watch 2 launches, which will reportedly be some time in the second half of next year.

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Currently, Quanta Computer manufacture the Watch, but Apple is said to be in talks with Inventec, Wistron and Foxconn Electronics to help with the follow-up device. Rumors suggest the Apple Watch 2 will maintain the design and display of the current device, while adding a larger battery, added FaceTime camera and more capabilities when disconnected from an iPhone.

Considering the Apple Watch Edition costs upwards of $10k, it may be asking a lot to expect customers to keep up with the latest version every year, but if the rumors are true then the Watch could see a yearly refresh in much the same way as the iPhone lineup.