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Samsung offer 30-day phone trial to iPhone users for $1

Samsung has launched a ballsy marketing program, Ultimate Test Drive, which offers iPhone users in the U.S. the chance to trial its latest smartphones for a month for just a dollar.

Samsung’s latest handsets, including the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, are being used to bait Apple customers into switching to Android. The South Korean tech giants are so confident that iPhone users will be wowed by the rival devices that they’re preparing to practically give them away. The phones come with an activated SIM card which is compatible with all U.S. carriers, and a 30-day data plan.

Although the trial program only costs $1 to enroll in, the full cost of the device will be charged to the customer’s credit card if they fail to return it within the 30 days. Samsung will be hoping the promotion convinces a few Apple fans to make a permanent switch after the trial, although as CEO Tim Cook is always keen to point out, the iPhone 6 has an astonishingly high customer satisfaction rate.

To register, eligible users need to visit from their iPhone, register their credit card details and choose a phone. So far, the stunt seems to have been popular – Samsung has already run out of trial phones due to “overwhelming demand.” It promises more stock in the near future.

It’s a great offer for those interested in the latest Android phones, but it remains to be seen what percentage of customers actually decide to stick with the Samsung device when the month is up.

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