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Scam warning – don’t fall for the latest iMessage scam

There’s a new scam doing the rounds on iOS, so make sure you know how to spot and avoid these kinds of traps.

This latest trick makes it look as though Apple is making contact through iMessage, prompting users to tap a link to avoid losing their apps. Check out the screenshot below to see what we’re dealing with here. (Thanks to Gh0sta on Reddit for spotting this one.)

A completely fabricated but scary-sounding warning

It’s not an especially well-conceived trick, but on first glance it looks genuine as the scammers have used SMS spoofing to set the sender’s name to iMessage. This goes a long way to making it look like a message from a legitimate contact. Most users will be naturally wary of this sort of message, and those familiar with iOS will know that there’s no such thing as an “iPhoneID” – but it’s easy to be duped by this type of scam.

This is just one example, and we thought it was worth flagging up as we don’t often see these type of unsolicited texts appear in Messages – these scams are much more prevalent via email. It’s worth remembering to always be skeptical of any kind of communication that asks you to tap random links or give away any personal information. If you’re concerned about an account, sign in elsewhere, check things are OK, and possibly change your password.

It’s not just messages and emails you should be wary of, either – just a couple of months back we reported on the prevalence of App Store scams that are fleecing users for thousands of dollars. And if you want to ensure your personal data is kept as safe as possible, see our in-depth guide to securing your digital life.