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See amazing drone footage of Apple’s new campus as it nears completion

Apple Park is almost complete, and a new video captures its development

Apple has been working on its new campus, officially named Apple Park, for years now. After a gargantuan effort, employees have slowly started moving in as the project comes to a close.

It’s a hugely impressive building, nicknamed the Spaceship for it’s futuristic ring-shaped structure topped with a huge array of solar panels, which will provide enough power to run the entire operation solely from renewable energy. It covers a whopping 175 acres and has been designed by renowned architect Norman Foster, in collaboration with Apple design Chief Jony Ive.

A combination of impressive drone footage shows the progress that has been made over the last year, and it’s an amazing watch. Check out the video below for super high-res aerial shots of each main part of the structure. After years of fairly boring prep work, foundations and structural elements, it’s amazing to see the outer shell come together in the past few months.

The new campus includes a 1,000-seat auditorium called the Steve Jobs Theatre, and it’s expected this will be where Apple unveils the iPhone 8 this September.