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September 20 – iPhone 11 release date leaked

The President of a Japanese telecoms company seems to have accidentally revealed the release date of Apple’s upcoming iPhone range: September 20, 2019.

In a conference about a new telecoms law coming into place in Japan on October 1, Softbank President Ken Miyauchi replied that he still wasn’t sure what to do for the ten days after the iPhone launch. He then immediately backtracked upon realizing what he inadvertently let slip, claiming he shouldn’t have said anything.

Of course, this is far from an official announcement – but September 20 makes perfect sense, and it’s something we had already pegged as the most likely release day.

You see, historically Apple almost always hosts its iPhone launch event on the second Tuesday of September. This year, that equates to the 10th. It almost always puts the new devices up for pre-order the Friday of the same week (13th) and ships them a week later (20th).

So although we won’t know for sure when the iPhone 11 series will be available until Apple announces it on stage next month, we would be willing to bet that Miyauchi is right on the money with his accidental announcement.

If you just can’t wait until this, check out our roundup of all the rumors relating to the iPhone 11 for an idea of what to expect at Apple’s big September launch event.