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Snap Spectacles: Snapchat’s video glasses now widely available

Snapchat’s bizarre video-enabled sunglasses are now widely available for purchase

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the world, and its “Snap Spectacles” are a pretty unique proposition. Clearly aimed at the app’s young demographic, these $130/£130 shades incorporate twin lenses for capturing 10-second clips of video footage. Perfect for sharing on the app, of course, but the clips can also be saved to your iOS camera roll if you’re not such a big user of Snapchat.

Unlike regular video, the footage captured from the Snap Spectacles offers a circular view that covers a 115-degree field of view. When played back in the app, users can move their device around to see different parts of the shot, like swiping around a panorama. The glasses connect wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad, and it’s an easy way to create unique first-person immersive videos.

Previously, Snap Spectacles were only available from Snapchat’s official website, with a lengthy wait time for delivery. Now they’re available for next-day delivery from Amazon, making them much easier to get hold of. If you missed these weird wearables on first release, now’s a good time to get a look-in – or grab as a gift for your Snapchat-obsessed family members.

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