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Shot on iPhone: Apple embraces soccer with short film series

Apple seems to have caught World Cup fever, as it just released three short films about the beautiful game as part of its ongoing “Shot on iPhone” series.

Each of the mini-movies clocks in at a few minutes long and was filmed entirely using the iPhone. The series is designed to show how the built-in camera on a smartphone is powerful enough to create professional-quality productions, and it works – each of these is shot beautifully.

The trio of shorts each focus on a different unlikely aspect of the soccer (or football) world, and seem perfectly timed just as the World Cup quarter-finals are kicking off. They look at the identities and lives of the people taking part, so even if you’re not a sports fan you might get a kick out of these videos.

One film showcases the story of an Australian teenage girl who fulfiled her dream of playing professional football in Sydney; one shows a group of Buddhist monks in Japan who play soccer in part to practice peaceful unity; the last shows two neighboring islands off the coast of Portugal on a quest to find neutral land for their long-running rivalry.

We’ve embedded all three videos below – you can watch the lot in around ten minutes and they’ll be sure to expand your horizons!

The Heart of Australia

The ‘Wa’ of Soccer

Berlengas Island Cup 2018