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Spring Cleaning (in Fall) – four apps to help declutter your home

The term ‘spring cleaning’ might technically refer to the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime (thanks Wikipedia), but over time it’s also come to refer to a general tidying up and decluttering of wherever you call home.

We know it’s Fall, but whichever season you choose to perform your routine cleaning in, these apps can help.

Decluttr [Free]

The aptly named Decluttr is designed to shift all those old cell phones, CDs, DVDs, games, and books that are cluttering up your home. Just use the app to scan in all of the above, pinpoint the precise product, and receive an instant quote on how much each is worth. Then choose from one of the app’s free shipping options and send of your pile of unloved stuff. Hey presto. Your home is clearer, and your bank account is healthier.

Tody [Free]

Tody is a to-do app with a specific focus on helping you to tidy up your home. Track and prioritise tasks on a room by room basis, whether it’s changing the bed linen, vacuuming the floors, or dusting surfaces. It eschews bothersome schedules in favour of an intuitive colour-coded system. There’s a welcome gamification system at play too, with shared schedules and task credits engendering a sense of productive competitiveness to those monotonous chores.

Centriq [Free]

Maybe it’s your home office or document-laden shelves that need freshening up. If that’s the case, Centriq can help you to take a large step in the right direction. It lets you scan in products to automatically retrieve and store their manuals, locates troubleshooting guides, and more. It’ll also let you track assorted documents like receipts, warranties, paint colors, and anything else you might need quick access to some day in the future.

OurHome [Free]

If you share your home with multiple others, then the challenge of spring cleaning your house can be a matter of effective delegation as much as anything else. OurHome can help with that, offering sharable schedules for chores, as well as rewards for the completion of said tasks (useful for homes with kids). The app makes it simple for you to monitor how your spring cleaning group effort is going, as well as to send messages about chores and set reminders.