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Apple’s Spring Event – new iPhone & iPad arriving in March?

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Some Apple events come around like clockwork each year: WWDC in June, new iPhones in September. But Apple likes to mix up its other launch events depending on what’s in the pipeline – and with expectations that Apple will release plenty of new products this year, it’s perhaps no surprise that this year’s Spring event is rumored to be much earlier than usual.

Specifically, reports from Bloomberg suggest Apple is targeting March 8 for its next event, just a few weeks from now.

It’s widely expected that Apple will be updating the iPhone SE at this event, along with an update to the iPad Air. With a feature-laden iOS 15.4 on the horizon, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a focus on software too.

iPhone SE generally caters to users who prefer smaller devices, are on a budget, or both. This model is generally a mish-mash of parts from previous iPhones and still rocks an older design with chunky bezels, a physical Home button, and no Face ID.

Bloomberg expects Apple to stick with that tried-and-true design for another year. While iPhone SE will surely get a new look at some stage, now probably isn’t the time – especially as many mask-wearing customers will be tempted by Touch ID, something Apple’s pricier devices have long since ditched.

The current iPhone SE

That said, we’re bound to see a big upgrade internally – with reports suggesting Apple will add 5G capabilities to its cheapest iPhone alongside a better camera and processor. It’s been two years since the previous iPhone SE was unveiled, so those under-the-hood improvements will feel pretty significant.

As for the iPad Air, we’re expecting similar changes there. 5G, a faster chip, and the same old design. And if iOS 15.4 does get any air time at the event, expect the focus to be on Face ID with a Mask for iPhones 12 and 13.

Apple is also working on new MacBooks, but March may be slightly too soon to get excited about those. That said, you never know exactly what Apple has up its sleeve until the event itself, so stay tuned!