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Spring Loaded preview – what to expect from tonight’s event

This is your friendly reminder that Apple’s “Spring Loaded” special event is today at 10am PDT. The all-online presentation can be streamed live via or you can check in with us for the full lowdown as soon as it’s over.

Apple is widely expected to announce a big upgrade to iPad Pro, but there’s bound to be more than just that on the horizon. So with that in mind, here’s your last-minute sneak-peak at what we might see later today.

New iPads

iPad Pro is due a refresh, and all signs point to a revision that brings (among other things) a mini LED display, slightly thicker body, and the first price hike since 2018.

It’s also possible that Apple will take this opportunity to upgrade the iPad and iPad mini, though these would likely just be minor spec bumps. It would certainly be nice for the entire iPad range to be in sync for once.


It’s been on the cards for a long time now: an Apple-branded Bluetooth tracker in the style of Tile, reportedly called AirTags. The recent expansion of Apple’s Find My network allowed third-party accessories to join the tracking party, and it even looks like some AirTag accessories have leaked online.

All this leads us to believe that we might actually see this mythical product line unveiled today, at long last.


Though hardware is likely to take center stage, the rumor mill suggests we might also see a new premium service from Apple. A paid-for podcast service, presumably with Apple-produced original content, would help bolster the Apple One bundle and would compete with Spotify’s own podcast offerings.

Our guess is that such a product would be called Podcasts+ and feature some big names at launch. But are people willing to pay for podcasts?

No new Macs

There are more M1-powered Macs due to be unveiled in the near future, but it’s much more likely Apple will save such announcements for its WWDC convention in early June. So if you’ve been holding out for a new computer, you may have to keep on holding.

One more thing?

Apple is known for secrecy, and though the rumor mill and product leaks spoil a lot of the surprise these days, you can never discount the possibility that Apple has something completely left field kept under wraps. So just maybe we’ll get a real shock and see an Apple Fridge or Apple Skateboard or Apple Metal Detector.