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Steve Jobs narrates drone footage from Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ campus

Footage has emerged of Apple’s upcoming campus building mid-construction, showing the emerging skeleton of what has become known as the ‘Spaceship’ campus.

In a video shot and edited by Duncan Sinfield, birds-eye footage from a drone camera is set to music, cleverly cut with relevant narration provided by audio from the late Steve Jobs’ council pitch back in 2011 – when the project was originally green-lit. Check out the video below to see some impressive sweeping shots of the partially-finished campus.

Jobs describes the project, known officially as Apple Campus 2, as “a pretty amazing building” that looks “a little like a spaceship landing” – hence the nickname. The campus design is a monolithic curved-glass donut with a “gorgeous courtyard” in the middle.

Despite the size of the operation, Jobs describes the building as “human scale” due to its relatively low four-story profile. It sounds like it will be about as cosy and communal as a structure built to house 12,000 employees can be, anyway.

The video showcases the parts of the campus which are nearing completion, although construction of the whole project isn’t expected to finish until late 2016. In the meantime, YouTuber Sinfield has promised to keep taking his drone out around Cupertino and will be posting monthly videos tracking the construction.