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Streakster – Break those bad habits

Developer: Bickster LLC
Price: Free [$5.99/£5.49 per month Pro tier]
Size: 34.3MB
Version: 1.3.4
Platform: iPhone & iPad


We’re right at the start of a New Year, when resolve remains high to stick to those resolutions and stamp out any bad habits – at least for a few more weeks.

If you’re finding yourself slipping into old ways already, you might benefit from downloading a habit tracker app. Streakster is one of the latest examples.

The hub screen is very reminiscent of existing habit trackers like Productive

It’s simple: you hit the plus icon from the main hub screen, pick your habit from a big branching list (with headings such as Health, Money, and Chores), set the appropriate reminder frequency, and add any relevant notes.

Then, when you complete the task you’ve set yourself, you hit the appropriate button on the hub page to record the achievement. You’ll be kept aware of the streak you’re on when it comes to successive habit completions.

Set the frequency of your apps and add any notes

Streakster’s angle is one of gamification – essentially turning the act of tracking habits into a game, with little dopamine-hit visual rewards doled out when you hit the appropriate daily (or weekly, or monthly) milestones.

The presentation really leans into that gamey vibe, with the kind of bright, multicolored icons you might expect to see in the latest free-to-play time waster. It’s certainly bold, but we did find ourselves hankering for some of Productive‘s sharp professionalism or Streaks‘ colorful minimalism.

There’s an extensive list of habits to choose from

Indeed, Productive came to mind throughout our time with Streakster. It largely adopts the popular habit tracker app’s way of doing things, with a very similar hub page layout, offering a calendar bar along the top, created habits in a list down the middle of the screen, and a control bar along the bottom. It even has the same plus icon positioned in the bottom-centre of the screen. Notes have clearly been taken.

It’s far from a perfect copy, though. There are rough edges, such as having two separate Settings icon on the hub screen, or the positioning of the Bin button and Save button so close together when editing habits.

You’ll get little visual rewards for embarking on streaks

Sadly, Streakster simply isn’t as polished, as pleasant to use, or as fully featured as the app it emulates. It doesn’t have the same seamless onboarding process either, and it’s generally less intuitive.

As a result, it simply didn’t feel as rewarding to use Streakster as with the very best habit trackers. And that’s a bit of a problem.

You can opt to set reminders for your habits.

One thing Streakster has going for it compared to its illustrious rival is a lower price for the full Pro package. At $5.99/£5.49 per month for unlimited usage (you can only set three habits with the free tier), it’s $1/£1 per month cheaper.

And hey, your mileage may vary. If the bright game-influenced aesthetic works for you, Streakster could be the one to finally kick you into productivity. It’s also worth noting that it places a lot of emphasis on building positive habits, not just breaking bad ones.

Ultimately, though, while Streakster is a perfectly decent habit to get into, it’s one habit that we found rather easy to break.