Subwords is a new word game that infuses a hint of trivia into a bubble-based word search. Each level contains a bunch of words on a common theme, split into fragments. Your job is to reunite those fragments to form the original words, but you’ll only know which words you’re looking for if you’re knowledgeable about the topic. Levels range from simple subjects like fruits and veg, to more demanding trivia like the periodic table or Greek mythology, and you’ll earn stars based on your speed.

A secondary “timed mode” mixes things up with a never-ending stream of word fragments on the topic. You have 45 seconds to find as many as possible, with longer words scoring more points, but watch out because not every answer will be on the board at any time. You may have to clear up some short words before the final piece of a longer one drops into play. This mode really adds some replay value once you’ve completed the standard version of all 25 levels.

We were also impressed to see a “face control” accessibility feature, allowing those with limited movement to control the game purely by moving their head. It’s the first time we’ve seen something like this implemented in a puzzler and works surprisingly well!

It’s an extremely simple concept with a minimal, cartoonish presentation, and at $2/£2 we reckon it’s worth a try for any word game fans enjoy using quick wits to spot patterns.

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