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Support Community Shutdown – Apple will no longer help users via social media

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Reports say Apple is planning to shut up shop on its various social communities, no longer offering support to customers on Twitter/X, YouTube, and even its own Official Apple Support Community. Until now, it had specific Apple Support accounts set up on various platforms to offer advice and answer questions.

However, multiple anonymous sources confirmed to Macrumors that Apple is eliminating its team of social media support specialists. There will no longer be anyone paid to respond to technical support questions on these platforms. Of course, Apple’s main support channel will remain open, but it’s not always as convenient to get an answer to a simple question through those routes.

It’s an odd move when channels like @AppleSupport have 1.5 million followers on X and seem to be a popular way for users to ask for help. Although the Apple Support Community will continue – essentially a series of discussion boards for Apple fans – there will no longer be dedicated employees to respond to questions posted here.

Employees from social departments will reportedly have the option to transition to a phone support role or leave the company. It’s unclear why Apple is making this move, but it’s not the first tech giant to ditch social media support this year alone. The decision could be to cut costs, or it could simply be an effort to funnel users to the main support team.

If you need technical support from Apple, your options going forward are to visit, where you can access all Apple’s remaining support channels, or make a reservation at an in-store Genius Bar.