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Surprise! Apple just released its first official iPhone battery case

Third-party iPhone cases that provide a little extra battery power have been available for a while, but in an unexpected move Apple has just released its very own battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s.

The Smart Battery Case is modeled on the existing Smart Case for iPhone, with a visible protrusion on the back to house the additional battery. It features a soft microfiber lining to keep your phone safe, with Apple’s trademark silicone exterior as seen on its other cases. Apple promise that its elastomer hinge design makes it easy to apply and remove the case. The battery case can be charged simultaneously with an iPhone using the standard Lightning connector, and it’s compatible with Apple’s iPhone Lightning Dock as well.

Unlike most battery case manufacturers, Apple doesn’t give the exact specifications of the accessory, so until it gets a proper field test its hard to say how the capacity compares to existing cases on the market. Apple assures us that its new case provides up to 25 hours talk time, 20 hours video playback or 18 hours of internet usage, which on the face of it is pretty impressive.

Apple’s battery case is available immediately from the online store in white or charcoal gray and retails for $99 (£79). No mention of a case for the larger iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus just yet, perhaps due to its slightly larger battery capacity.