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Three new iPads – big changes rumored this year

It wasn’t long ago Apple released its insanely powerful 2021 iPad Pro with an M1 chip inside. But according to a Bloomberg report, that’s just the beginning of this year’s iPad output.

The reports claim that we’ll see new versions of the standard iPad, the iPad mini, and even another iPad Pro over the next year. In itself, that’s hardly a big stretch – Apple routinely updates its tablet range. But the specifics get more interesting.

First up is the entry-level iPad. The 8th-generation model currently on the market is a real bargain, but its successor could be even better, clocking in faster and thinner than ever before. It will apparently by “geared towards students,” meaning it’s likely to keep its low price tag.

Next we have the iPad mini. It’s now six years without a significant redesign, and currently it’s hard to argue a case for choosing it over a regular iPad or iPad Air unless you simply must have a smaller display. This year’s update is said to bring it up to speed with the design language of Apple’s newer devices, with smaller bezels, a larger display, and perhaps even Face ID instead of a Home button.

2021 iPad Pro

As for the iPad Pro, its performance with M1 is already so spectacular Apple will have to make changes in other departments to turn heads. The Bloomberg report expects the next iPad Pro to have a glass back – like the iPhone – to enable wireless charging, and even a new “reverse wireless charging feature.” This would allow a depleted Apple Watch or AirPods to leech power from the iPad wirelessly to top up those accessories’ relatively small batteries. However, this particular technology could still be some years away, so don’t hold your breath for this year.

Interestingly, there’s no mention of the iPad Air – a model that currently sits in the mid-range spot. Perhaps the upgrades to iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Pro will be enough to cover the whole market and iPad Air won’t be needed anymore. Or perhaps Apple is just happy with the product for now and will leave it until next year to refresh.

Either way, keep an eye out for several new iPads throughout 2021!