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Tim Cook confirms Apple is working on “great” new Macs

Holding out for a new computer? Good news from the Apple CEO, as Tim Cook confirms that “great desktops” are on their way.

For the last few years, Apple has somewhat neglected its desktop computers, focusing more on mobile devices and laptops. While the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook ranges continue to be updated frequently, Apple’s iMac – once its flagship product – hasn’t seen an upgrade for over a year. Its Mac Mini and Mac Pro computers have been waiting even longer: two and three years respectively since they last had an overhaul.

This is a long time in the fast-moving world of tech, and has led many onlookers to assume that Apple no longer cares about desktop computing since the rise of mobile continues to eat into its sales. However, in a message posted to an employee message board, Cook refutes these claims. He says that “the desktop is very strategic” due to the extra performance, ports, and screen size it packs compared with the MacBook range. “Let me be very clear,” he continues, “we have great desktops in our roadmap.” Promising news for those users keen to upgrade soon.

In the post, Cook also expresses his belief that Apple differentiates itself from other companies with its “change the world” attitude and conviction that “good isn’t good enough.” The whole thing is an interesting read if you’re interested in some behind-the-scenes thinking from the Apple chief, and you can find the posting in full on TechCrunch.

There’s a final twist to the tale, though: despite Cook’s insistence that Apple is as committed to the Mac as ever, a conflicting report suggests that Apple Design Chief Jony Ive is spending less and less time advising on the future of the Mac lineup. Perhaps Apple’s Mac lineup is due a performance upgrade in 2017, but will continue to tread water design-wise. Only time will tell…