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Tim Cook confirms Apple’s interest in augmented reality apps

During Apples most recent quarterly earnings call, CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company’s long-term interest in augmented reality (AR) technology, hinting perhaps at a future product, service, or app.

Augmented reality is when the real world is digitally merged with computer-generated graphics in real time, overlaying information or objects as if they were physically there. It forms the basis of Nintendo’s insanely popular Pokémon GO, in which cartoon monsters appear in the camera viewfinder as if they were living in the real world.

When asked about the success of Pokémon GO, Cook described it as a “testament to what happens with innovative apps,” going on to confirm that Apple is deeply invested in similar augmented reality research and will continue to invest “for the long run,” having already acquired several companies with augmented and virtual reality expertise. Cook expects AR “will be huge,” and incidentally he also thinks virtual reality is “really cool.”

Exactly what Apple is working on is less clear – perhaps more AR gaming or an experience to supplement its home automation efforts – but we can be sure that we’ll see some cool stuff from the tech giants over the next few years.