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Tim Cook tweets amazing photos taken with the iPhone 7 Plus

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Just last week, Apple announced this year’s new iPhones, and one of the main talking points was the improvements to the iPhone 7’s built-in camera, with a larger sensor, wider aperture, better color fidelity and optical image stabilization adding up to an impressive 12MP camera.

Meanwhile, the larger 5.5-inch model – the iPhone 7 Plus – sports all of the above plus a second 12MP camera to create a beefy dual-lens setup, combining wide angle and telephoto lenses for optical zoom and previously impossible depth-of-field effects.

If all those numbers and buzzwords weren’t enough to get you excited for the photographic potential of the new models, Apple CEO Tim Cook has tweeted a link to a set of amazing pictures from the Titans-Vikings game, taken with an iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple made a big deal about the improved color range of the new cameras, and we can see why

The photos are the first to be officially released since the launch of the new iPhones, and should whet the appetites of those who have preordered one.

Thankfully, these snaps were all taken by a professional photographer. We still remember the backlash after Cook tried to take the sports photography into his own hands earlier this year…


This one looks to be taking advantage of the 2x optical zoom in the iPhone 7 Plus

You can view the rest of the images in the gallery at Sports Illustrated, and its also worth checking out ESPN’s iPhone 7 gallery from the US Open.