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Time for a folding iPhone? Two prototypes pass Apple’s tests

Folding smartphones: at once a symbol of outdated tech (mid-2000s flip-phones) and a symbol of futuristic possibility (flexible glass screens). Samsung and others have already released a new generation of folding phones with varying success, and it looks like Apple is taking a swing at the concept too.

We’ve known for a while that Apple has patents on a bunch of concepts, but according to a recent leak, a pair of prototypes have now passed internal durability tests. That means a folding iPhone may be closer than you thought.

Thanks to ConceptsiPhone for the device mockup images

The models being tested cover two different approaches – one offering a fully flexible display that folds in half, with the other opting for two distinct screens that join seamlessly to make one larger display when unfolded. Both approaches are said to incorporate Face ID on the outside, so there’s no notch in sight.

It remains to be seen which Apple will prefer in the long run, but it’s likely only one solution will ever make it to market. Apple is known for taking its time with new technology, preferring to do things best rather than first. It may still be a few years until we see a foldable iPhone, if ever, but the company is certainly pumping R&D money into the idea.

Would you be interested in a folding iPhone?