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Tody – get your cleaning tasks in order

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Keeping track of your household chores is made easy in this smart app

Price: $7 / £7
Version: 4.7.8
Size: 51.3 MB
Seller: LoopLoop
Platform: iPhone & iPad


Cleaning your home might be a chore, but keeping track of your household cleaning duties shouldn’t be. Tody is a smart app designed to do just that – to help users manage their various cleaning tasks on a room-by-room basis.

Tody uses a different approach to managing cleaning tasks. Instead of a calendar-based to-do system like the Reminders app, Tody asks users to select different chores for different areas of the house and to decide how often each task needs to be completed. The app then uses colored indicators to monitor the status of that area. A green indicator means the zone is A-OK, while a red indicator means it’s time to grab the rubber gloves and bleach.

Add an area.

Setting up your cleaning schedule is effortless in Tody. After downloading the app and configuring your “attitude towards cleaning” (with options including relaxed, standard, and proactive), Tody encourages you to add your first area. Then, it asks you to select all the cleaning tasks which you’d like to apply to that particular area.

Choose your zone.

Take Kitchen, for example. There, you can add tasks for dusting, cleaning the oven, and wiping the counters. The app suggests how often you should be conducting that particular task depending on your cleaning attitude. You can also input when you last cleaned – in doing so, Tody will set an appropriate deadline for that particular cleaning activity.

After inputting all the areas in your house, what you’re left with is an intelligent system for managing your cleaning duties – and one which ensures that you don’t need to do all the cleaning on a given day. Instead, Tody’s organization means your cleaning tasks are spaced out, making them more manageable.

Complete your chores.

The app’s main interface lets you see, at a glance, what the status of your various rooms is. You can then prioritize your time if you have a half-hour free for a quick sweep or a speedy mop. Completing a task is easy enough – simply tap it, choose Just did it!, and the app shuffles that particular task back to the bottom of the pile.

Prioritize your time.

Usefully, Tody also includes some hidden power features for the real clean-freaks out there. It allows you to make and check notes about various cleaning tasks, and it also records a graphical history of your previous cleaning. Never before in the history of mankind have we been able to so easily see how frequently we clean our toilets.

Our only real criticism centers on the iPadOS app, which feels rather like a blown-up version of Tody’s iOS counterpart. And though the interface is friendly and well thought out, the aesthetic may not be to everyone’s taste.

To take control of your cleaning routine, pick up Tody – it’s available on the App Store for $7/£7 and is well worth the investment.