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Having trouble with Photos or headphones? iOS 10.0.2 should fix that

Apple has just released an iterative update to iOS 10 to squash a couple of pesky bugs.

Some users, since installing iOS 10, have experienced problems with the Photos app. If you’ve experienced crashes when altering the settings for iCloud Photo Library or third-party extensions, you’re in luck. Just update to iOS 10.0.2 and you’ll be able to use the cool new features of Photos without fear of the app freezing up on you.

Elsewhere, those lucky enough to have nabbed an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus have noticed a glitch with the new Lightning-enabled EarPods. The playback controls built into the wired headphones seem to stop working after a certain time – luckily, this too has been fixed in iOS 10.0.2.

To update to iOS 10.0.2, simply open the Settings app on your device and tap General followed by Software update. Follow the instructions to install the latest build of iOS.

iOS 10.1 is the next big software update due, bringing with it a slick new depth-of-field effect (called Portrait Mode) only possible with the dual cameras in the new iPhone 7 Plus. Early adopters can try out iOS 10.1 right away as part of a public beta program, or you can wait for the more stable release when Apple is happy that its ready.