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USB-C for iPhone 11? Rumors say the Lightning cable is dead

Sick of iPhone rumors yet? We hope not, as things are just starting to get interesting with Apple’s annual launch event due within the month.

We’ve reported previously on the features expected to be added to what we’re still tentatively calling “iPhone 11” and not much has changed features-wise. We’re still expecting Apple to stick with the form factor and sizes of its three 2018 iPhones, with additional rear cameras the most notable upgrade.

But according to a new rumor, this could be the year Apple ditches the Lightning charging cable in favor of USB-C for all iPhones.

Of course, those of you who have been iPhone users since the early days will remember the transition from those giant 30-pin chargers to the relatively svelte Lightning cables. It was a pain for anyone who’d invested in accessories like speaker stands and adapters, but it wasn’t long until we all got used to the new form.

And who can forget when Apple unceremoniously ditched the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, claiming it was a “couragous” decision? That too annoyed its fair share of customers, but fast-forward a few years and the success of the AirPods wireless headphones shows that there is always a new, better technology waiting to take its place.

So, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple ditching another cable before the public is truly ready for the change. USB-C replaced Lightning on the iPad Pro range just last year, enabling that device to more easily connect to external displays and accessories like hard drives and cameras. The same capabilities would be very welcome on the iPhone.

With the MacBook powered via USB-C these days – and plenty of non-Apple devices too – eventually changing the iPhone to match makes sense. It would be great to be able to charge all your devices with a single cable, right?

However, this rumor doesn’t come from the most reliable source, and in fact we’ve seen multiple reports on both sides of the argument. Some sources claim Lightning is dead, others say it’s certain to live on another year at least. Food for thought, at least – and we’ll know for sure when Apple unveils this year’s iPhones in September.