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Use social media? Make sure to lock down your privacy settings

Social media can be great for staying in touch with people, sharing photos, keeping up with events and so on – but by default these are public platforms and it’s worth being careful what you share online. There’s no need to go for the nuclear option and leave these sites for good, but a little knowledge can go a long way to ensure your details are safe.

If you care about keeping your posts and photos relatively secure, you can ensure only select people can see them. This could stop strangers from finding your profile, for example, or ensure that workmates or students won’t find those embarrassing posts you made in 2011. You’ll want to take the time to look through the privacy settings any time you’re posting to a social media site.

Many people avoid looking into these settings because they assume it’ll be a difficult job, but it’s really not. Gizmodo has come up with an in-depth guide to checking your privacy settings across FacebookTwitter and Instagram to ensure that you know exactly who can see personal details and posts. If you use any of those platforms its worth having a read through – you can see the guide in full right here.

When you’re done with that, if you want to know more about keeping your private and personal data secure when using your iPhone or iPad, make sure you’re following the best practices outlined in our very own digital security feature.