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Virtual Reality: will Apple release a VR headset?

Apple is rumored to be developing a virtual reality headset, which is no big surprise considering the company’s R&D department prototypes all kinds of products. That’s no guarantee it will make it to market, of course, but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

With augmented reality taking off since the introduction of ARKit with iOS 11, Apple could make a big splash if it decides to release a VR headset to the masses.

(For the record, augmented reality combines digital elements with the real world around you using your device camera, while virtual reality is an immersive experience comprised entirely of computer-generated images.)

The team at iMore are particularly excited by the prospect of an Apple-made VR headset, surmising that it will likely combine amazing display quality, a powerful processor, and accurate head-tracking technology to make a highly competitive product. It’s worth reading the piece in full if you’re curious about how Apple could embrace VR.

We think the majority of users would need some convincing to give an Apple headset a try, but it could certainly provide an easy entry point into a world that’s currently dominated by complicated and expensive devices designed mostly for gaming.