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Pre-order Guide: how to buy (or try) Apple Vision Pro at launch

Apple’s Vision Pro is almost here, and it’s time to get ready for the pre-order rush! Purchasing one is a little more complicated than usual, so if you’re planning to snag one at launch, be sure to read our guide to how the process works.

Pre-Order Essentials

Live in the US. For now, American citizens get exclusive access to Vision Pro. The rest of the world is out of luck. However, Apple has said it will expand availability to other countries through 2024, with the UK, Canada, and China most likely to be part of a second-wave release in the coming months.

Set an alarm. Apple Vision Pro pre-orders start bright and early on Friday, January 19, at 5 am PST. So make sure you’re awake and ready to go by 4:55 am. Stocks are said to be relatively low at launch, and if demand is high you’ll want to move quickly to avoid disappointment. If you’re reading this at a later date, you can still put in an order – but you’ll likely have to wait longer for delivery.

Prepare your device. Firstly, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad with Face ID. That’s because a facial scan is part of the order process, to ensure you choose the right Light Seal and headband sizes for a perfect fit. You’ll also need the Apple Store app installed, updated, and signed into your Apple ID. This is where you’ll put in your order when the time comes.

Find prescription info. If you use prescription or reader glasses, be prepared. Have your prescription details handy, as Apple has partnered with ZEISS for custom optical inserts. Reader inserts will set you back an additional $99, while prescription inserts are priced at $149. If possible, add these details to the Health app.

Set a budget: Plan your budget, as the already-hefty start price will increase with additional storage or those aforementioned optical inserts. We know the base model offers 256GB storage for $3,499, but Apple hasn’t yet revealed how much the higher storage tiers will cost. Decide how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it.

Trying Vision Pro in Store

For those wanting a more hands-on experience, Apple Store visits are an option – but not yet. Once Vision Pro starts shipping to day one buyers on February 2, it will become available at U.S. Apple Store locations too. Customers can book appointments for in-store demos, which is ideal if you want to try before you buy or get additional help with fit tests and prescription inserts. Employees have been specially trained to help customers trial the device.

Just remember, due to the expected high demand, securing a Vision Pro on day one in-store is far from guaranteed. To get your hands on a unit ASAP, pre-ordering swiftly is your best bet.