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Waterproof proof: iPhone X survives two weeks in river

An iPhone X discovered at the bottom of a river has been successfully turned on and returned to its owner. How’s that for waterproofing?

Dallas from YouTube channel Man + River, which specializes in underwater treasure hunting, found an iPhone X on a river bed dive. After a full dry-out, he was surprisingly able to power the device back on.

He was then able to track down the lady who owns the phone and film her reaction as he returned the device. She said it was lost by the river around two weeks earlier, and seemed particularly pleased to have it returned as she’d not backed up her photos since having a baby!

It’s easy to forget that many Apple devices are water resistant, but this story really puts the “proof” into “waterproof.” You can watch the whole thing play out in less than seven minutes on YouTube.

iPhones 8, 8 Plus, and X are certified to iP67 standards, which means they’re expected to survive up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of up to a meter. It seems Apple has done a pretty good job of waterproofing though, with this particular device coping with much worse conditions!

It begs the question: why weren’t these devices granted iP68 certification like some rival smartphones? Perhaps Apple would rather undersell its capabilities than shoot for the best rating when it comes to waterproofing. It certainly wouldn’t want to give the impression its fine to take your iPhone for a dip.

Remember that this video shows an extreme circumstance and there’s no guarantee your own device would survive a similar ordeal. Though it should rightly give you confidence that your iPhone could probably live on after an accidental drop in the sink, remember that Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage so you’ll still want to take care around liquids just in case!