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The last seven days were light on news, but we posted plenty of other tidbits to keep you busy – check out all the articles you may have missed this week

News stories

Free trials

Apple highlights five of its favorite subscription apps that are currently offering free trials. Read the story!

Facebook changes

Mark Zuckerberg announced some hefty changes to Facebook which should make the news feed much less annoying. Read the story!

Parental controls

A pair of important Apple shareholders raised concerns about how iPhones and iPads could be affecting children. Read the story!

Not long after, Apple responded with a promise that it would be improving the parental controls in iOS soon. Read the story!

Spectre fix

Apple released iOS 11.2.2 this week to combat the threat of recently-discovered security flaw ‘Spectre.’ Read the story!


Lock screen privacy

A surprising amount of personal data is accessible without logging into iOS. Here’s how to limit what people can see. Read our guide!

Two-factor authentication

If you haven’t got this enabled, you should have – it’s the easiest way to safeguard your Apple ID against thieves. Read our guide!

Battery health

Apple is updating iOS soon with a battery health section, but until then here are some tips for monitoring your device battery. Read our guide!

Password sharing

This little-known feature of iOS 11 is the easiest way to log into a friend’s Wi-Fi network for the first time. Read our guide!

Photo manipulation

See how to remove unwanted objects or elements from your photos using TouchRetouch. Read our guide!


Grammarly Keyboard

See how to use this super useful utility to improve your writing. Read our guide!


A collaborative presentation tool that’ll leave your Powerpoint efforts in the dust. See our review!