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What to expect from iPhone 16 later this year

We know, it’s only been 3 months since the release of the iPhone 15 range, and it’s less than 3 weeks until the release of Apple Vision Pro. But that doesn’t mean the rumor mill can’t start churning out details about the iPhone 16 series coming later in 2024.

Although there’s no sign of a huge redesign around the corner – how much can you iterate on a black rectangle, anyway? – analysts are already discussing their expectations for the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro models. Here’s what we know so far.

Faster processing for all

Under the hood, it’s no real surprise that we’re anticipating an A18 processing chip for iPhone 16 and 16 Plus and a more powerful A18 Pro chip for iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. Alongside increased RAM in the base models – up from 6GB to 8GB – that spells even snappier processing and better multitasking. It’s not like the previous generation of chips were slow, either.

Improved modems for Pro users

It might not be the flashiest update in the world, but Apple is reportedly planning to upgrade iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max with next-gen Qualcomm X75 models, which support 5G Advanced. This new technology would improve the speed, efficiency, and coverage of 5G connections, making your cellular browsing better all around. As for browsing speeds on a home network, there are much shakier rumors suggesting we might see Apple embrace Wi-Fi 7 this year, more likely Wi-Fi 6E. Either way, that’s an improvement for the base model.

Camera upgrades for Pro users

Another Pro-only upgrade here, as Apple tries to further differentiate between iPhone models. Multiple sources reported that the Ultra Wide camera is due for an upgrade this year from 12MP to 48MP. Not only could this improve image quality, but it would also benefit spatial video recording, important in a year in which Apple is launching Vision Pro. There’s also a chance we’ll see an increase on the 5x optical zoom implemented last year.

Camera Upgrades

For photography enthusiasts, the iPhone 16 series does not disappoint. The Pro models are rumored to feature an enhanced 48MP Ultra Wide lens and possibly 5x Telephoto lenses. The iPhone 16 Pro Max might even push the boundaries further with more than 5x optical zoom capabilities, setting a new standard for smartphone photography.

New display technology

Finally, an older rumor suggests the inclusion of OLED panels with micro-lens technology in the iPhone 16 series. This innovation promises improved brightness and reduced power consumption, thanks to billions of tiny lenses cutting down on internal reflections. We don’t get it either, but it probably looks amazing.

Release date

The iPhone 16 series is anticipated to be announced in September 2024, with a likely release date towards the end of that month.