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WhatsApp Screen Lock: chat app adds extra layer of security

If you’re one of the billion-plus members of chat service WhatsApp, you’ll be pleased to know the app has just added an extra layer of security for iPhone and iPad users.

With the latest update, you can now lock the app using Face ID or Touch ID to stop grubby mitts and prying eyes gaining access to your contacts and messaging history.

iOS lacks the ability to lock apps in this way as standard, but some developers make the decision to build it in themselves using Apple’s framework.

The move will make it easier to keep your account private, and will mean you can let somebody use your device without worrying they might accidentally (or purposefully) access your WhatsApp text conversations.

The new feature is called Screen Lock, and you can turn it on from the Settings section of WhatsApp under Account > Privacy. You’ll need to update to the latest version of the app to access this new setting.

You can update WhatsApp, or install it for the first time, using the button below.