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Where’s Wordle? Don’t be fooled by App Store fakes

Wordle is a deceptively simple logic game that’s taken the internet by storm over the past few weeks. Essentially a combination of Mastermind and Boggle, its one-a-day challenges have players comparing successes and strategies with fellow word nerds over Twitter and WhatsApp on a daily basis.

So why can’t anyone find it on the App Store?

The answer is simple. Despite a flurry of unethical chancers uploading clones of the game to the App Store, the original Wordle has no iOS or Android presence. It’s a web game that you play from your web browser.

After mounting pressure, Apple has recently removed the fakes from the App Store, but not before countless people inadvertently signed up for rip-off subscriptions or IAPs. The actual game is completely free, so be wary!

Search “Wordle” on the App Store now and all that remains are two completely different word games of the same name that pre-date this whole saga by several years. Still confusing, but those developers at least have done nothing wrong.

Make your own Wordle app

But here’s the good news. If you’ve been caught up in the Wordle craze, or want to see what the fuss is about, you’ll be pleased to know Wordle is a progressive web app. That means you can turn it from a web game into a Home Screen app in just a few seconds.

Simply head to the Wordle website in Safari and tap the Share button followed by Add to Home Screen. Confirm the name and icon you’d like to use (we recommend the defaults) and voilà! There you have it: a link to the game right on your Home Screen that is more than just a bookmark – it will actually launch Wordle in its own self-contained “app” separate from your other web browsing.

Now all that remains is to work on your word-guessing skills. Good luck!